A.V.Rajalekshmi established Krishna DTP Centre in 1994 - 95 with DIC Registration and Scribe License of 1986 including first Malayalam Documents registered of modern laser print, auto metrics print and variety of symbols and fonts. After 10 years of successful functioning it was upgraded to scanning, email and network call centre. It has also got BSS Registration, scribe license in 1986 and navajeevan DTP course in 1994.

Now Krishna DTP centre is doing DTP along with different sort of government jobs including as suggested by brother in law late T K Radhakrishnan who is the DIC District board director.
Admission registration format which is required for educational institutions, documents for scolarships , Applications and different documents required for Panchayath , village, taluk & court etc.Krishna DTP Centre has offices in compounds or near the above offices where the public can clarify or seek advice related different forms and documents. Mr. V R Balakrishnan, husband of A V Rajalakshmi is working as a stamp vendor who is managing the sale of stamps and notary documents.
In 1994 Krishna was the only DTP Centre was preparing documents which was required for governments and educational institutions. Krishna has got the golden chance to do the projects and question papers for Hindi prajarak sabha model exams and monthly tests.
Documentation (Land registration Computerised in Malayalam) is brought through Internet Media, Online set up had been arranged in 2009. Website inaugurated in 2011. If Govt. of Kerala is introducing online system M/s. Krishna has made arrangements in 2009 itself. 17th Anniversary of M/s. Krisha Rtd. Justice V.R.Krishna Iyyer has an inaugurated the call centre and website and we have arranged all “Equipments of Research, Information regarding this” of M/s. Krishna website & call center we arranged first “Firm and Person” written to the concerned dept. and waiting for the reply.
Since 1994 KRISHNA was doing governments in perumbavoor and kerala including malayalam documents. The license which was given by BSS to krishna includes the permission for the courses of document with DTP, call centre training, herbal brand products, embrodery with smoking,soft toys products. In this Krishna is preparing to start document with DTP and call centre training.
One of the main aims of Krishna DTP Centre is to make it useful to public by accepting the new ideas of Government. Even if preparing the will has done by generation to generation still people get confused while preparing them because of the renewal of constitution and employees from time to time.